Riyadh Hair Restoration

Riyadh Khalaf, YouTube star and presenter of the BBC series ‘Queer Britain’, is currently receiving treatment for his hair loss at HRBR, Hair Restoration Blackrock. Riyadh noticed his hair loss in his early twenties, particularly around his temples. As he says himself – he was very concerned by the discovery because his hair means the

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Robson Bryan Hair Transplant - 1year post op

Bryan Robson Hair Transplant – Update One Year Post Surgery

Bryan Robson returned to HRBR, Dublin recently for a check-up following his hair transplant which was carried out in June of 2016. Bryan reported that he is absolutely delighted with the outcome of the procedure and noted that people have been making comments on how well and youthful he looks without actually noticing he has

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Bryan Robson’s Hair Transplant at HRBR

Bryan Robson recently had hair transplant surgery at HRBR, one of the world’s leading hair restoration clinics, based in Dublin, Ireland. Bryan is a former professional football player; he has 90 Caps for England, 65 of those as captain. He was the longest serving club captain in the history of Manchester United and is currently

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James Brown Hair Transplant

Celebrity hairdresser James Brown had a hair transplant at HRBR in March, 2011. James is best known for his work with celebrities including Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Lily Allen, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Diane Kruger and Emma Watson. James’ rise to the top began with his first hairdressing job in a Croydon salon at the

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