Hair Loss in Women

At HRBR we treat female pattern hair loss, in fact women represent 10% of our clinic’s patients.

However, not all female patients suffering from hair loss are suitable candidates for a hair transplant procedure as the causes of hair loss in women can be more complex.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?

Although not as common as in men, it is not unusual to see hair loss in women and treatment depends on the cause of the condition.

For patients suffering from hair loss as a result of underlying health conditions such as thyroid disease, often when the condition itself is treated the hair loss resolves. Other female patients may suffer from dermatological conditions which may cause temporary or permanent hair loss such as alopecia areata.

In both these cases hair transplantation is not recommended as in most cases the underlying condition will affect the transplanted hair in the same way it affects the hair currently.

For these patients we recommend they attend their GP for onward referral to a dermatologist or specialist who can assist them.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

At HRBR we treat female pattern hair loss and hair transplant surgery and medical treatment can be successful in the treatment of this condition.

The results of a hair transplant procedure on a female hair loss patient at HRBR

Female pattern hair loss presents itself in a similar way to its male equivalent with females experiencing thinning of hair on the top of the scalp but retaining thicker hair around the back and sides of the head. Our experienced surgeons are able to take healthy good quality hair follicles from this area less affected by the balding process around the back and sides of the patients head and transplant them into the thinning area with usually excellent cosmetic affect.

If you are unsure as to the cause of your hair loss please contact the team at HRBR who can advise you.

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