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No. There is no upper age limit on when hair transplant surgery can be performed. Male Pattern Hair loss can affect men of all ages. Its incidence increases with age with approximately 20% of men in their 20’s suffering from male pattern hair loss increasing to 50% by the age of 50.

The impact that hair loss has on sufferers can be significant regardless of your age. Many younger patients believe that as you age your hair loss will concern you less. However this is often not the case and from our experience hair loss is a concern to patients throughout their life. We have many patients over the age of 50 whose hair loss was having a detrimental effect on their self-esteem and self-confidence prior to treatment.

For many in their 20’s and 30’s discussing their hair loss concerns amongst their peers has become more acceptable. However for those over the age of 50 there is still a stigma around discussing how their hair loss is affecting them something which may still influence a patients decision to seek advice.

The good news is that your suitability for hair transplantation is not determined by age but rather the cause of hair loss, the quality and quantity of donor hair and the patient’s own expectations.

We have carried out hair transplantation for many men into their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Our oldest patient attending the clinic for hair loss advice is in his 90’s.

Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant at a Later Age

One benefit of having a hair transplant at a later age is that a patients hair loss later in life is more established and is usually more easily predicted going forward. The hair transplant therefore is often easier to design to ensure a natural result.

Many older men are concerned that they may be required to shave their head for surgery something many do not wish to do. For patients undergoing an FUT procedure there is no requirement to shave your head which is good news for these patients.

The question a man should ask himself is not if you are too old for a transplant but rather is your hair loss bothering you. If the answer is yes, then seeking professional advice on your options is a good first step and won’t commit you to surgery.

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